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Eliza Dushku icon challenge

Eliza Dushku Stillness
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a b o u t
Welcome to elizadstillness, a stillness icon challenge community ran by concise and 0xnatashax0 dedicated to the fabulous actress, Eliza Dushku. Each week a challenge will be posted - the challenge will consist usually of a few photos of Eliza (unless otherwise stated) that you, as a maker and contestant, will be making icons out of. Entries should be posted in a comment in response to the challenge - all comments screened - and will be due by Wednesday am. Voting will then begin and end thursday pm and the winners announced. Meanwhile, a new challenge will already be posted, along with the voting.

r u l e s
- You can only use the pictures/caps provided in your icons.
- Only three icons are allowed to be entered per challenge.
- All entries should be posted in a reply to the challenge with the icon, the URL to the icon, and your username.
- Icons must be still. That's the whole meaning behind 'stillness'. No animation allowed. I cannot stress this enough. All animated icons will be immediately disqualified.
- Only vote for your top three favorite icons and don't vote for yourself. Try not to be bias.
- All comments are screened so no one can see who made what icon, so please don't show your icons to anyone else until voting is over.

a f f i l i a t e s

If you're interested just drop us a comment somewhere.